Voted Top 100 Best Injectors in America

We are committed to excellence and giving natural-looking results.

Jessica Krakowski, MS, PA-C

Voted Top 100 Best Injectors in America

We are committed to excellence and giving natural-looking results.

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Contour Clinique
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We are a boutique medical aesthetics practice that specializes in non-invasive neurotoxin injectables and dermal fillers. We pride ourselves in our area of expertise, and due to the fact injectables are our focus all day every day, we have become masters in the art of this specialty!

The idea of Contour Clinique originated several years ago while the founder Jessica was on an international dermal filler training tour in the beautiful city of London. Inspired by the alluring offices she visited and world-renowned injectors she met, she envisioned owning a practice that would couple her passion of helping clients along with her clinical expertise in contouring, neurotoxin injectables, and dermal fillers. The dream of a practice that was warm and inviting, yet professional and innovative.

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Voted Best in the Tampa Bay area for Botox, Lip Fillers, and Injectables


Get it all in one session. We will customize a treatment package just for you.


Create a more youthful appearance by smoothing wrinkles and frown lines.


Look less tired by improving the appearance of dark, sunken, and baggy under eyes.


Lift and contour the cheeks to help soften smile lines.


Plump, define, or hydrate those lips for the perfect smile.


Sharpen and define your jawline to enhance your facial profile.


Transform your profile with a non-surgical nose job. Filler softens and hides bumps as well as upturns the tip of the nose.


Safe, collagen-stimulating, non-surgical buttock enhancement that helps with volume loss, cellulite & hip dip.


Permanently dissolve fat in the face and small areas of the body for a leaning and slimmer appearance.

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