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Voted Best For Laser Hair Removal
In The Tampa Bay Area!

Traditional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, and plucking can be time-consuming and painful and often lead to unwanted issues like ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and skin irritation. These methods provide only temporary relief, so they require constant upkeep and maintenance — who has the time for regular hair maintenance sessions every few weeks?

Laser hair removal at Contour Clinique Med Spa offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair using the advanced Forever BARE BBL technology. This state-of-the-art treatment targets and destroys hair follicles, preventing future hair growth while being gentle on your skin. The result is smooth, hair-free skin without the hassle of regular plucking, shaving, or waxing. Most clients can achieve completely smooth, hair-free skin after around six sessions of laser hair removal in Westchase.

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Legs with no hair after laser hair removal in Westchase.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas:

  • Face: upper lip, chin, cheeks, and sideburns
  • Neck: front and back
  • Arms: underarms, forearms, and full arms
  • Legs: thighs, lower legs, and full legs
  • Bikini area: standard bikini, Brazilian, and extended bikini
  • Back: upper back, lower back, and full back
  • Chest and abdomen
  • Shoulders
  • Buttocks

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Reduction in ingrown hairs and razor bumps
  • Smoother, clearer skin
  • Precision targeting of hair follicles
  • Quick and minimally invasive treatments
  • Suitable for various skin types
  • Reduced need for shaving, waxing, and plucking
  • Minimal downtime and no side effects

Laser Hair Removal FAQS

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal in Westchase uses concentrated light energy to target and destroy hair follicles. The Forever BARE BBL device emits a specific wavelength of light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. This light energy converts to heat, damaging the hair follicle and inhibiting future growth. The process selectively targets the follicle while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Multiple sessions are typically required to achieve optimal results, as hair grows in cycles, and the laser is most effective during the active growth phase.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal can treat various areas of the body, including the face (upper lip, chin, cheeks), neck, arms, legs, bikini area, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders, and buttocks. It is a versatile treatment suitable for both small and large areas.

Can All Skin Types Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

Yes, the advanced Forever BARE BBL technology can treat all skin types. However, a consultation is necessary to determine the best plan for your specific skin type and hair color.

How Should I Prepare for a Laser Hair Removal Session?

Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least two weeks, shave the treatment area 24 hours before your appointment, and avoid waxing or plucking for six weeks prior to your session for laser hair removal in Westchase. Do not apply any creams or lotions to the treatment area on the day of your session.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The sensation during laser hair removal can vary from person to person. Most patients describe the feeling as a slight stinging or snapping sensation, similar to a rubber band being snapped against the skin. The Forever BARE BBL technology includes cooling features to enhance comfort during the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

Temporary side effects can include redness, swelling, and mild discomfort at the treatment site. These typically subside within a few hours to a couple of days. Our practitioners take every precaution to minimize side effects and ensure a safe treatment experience.

What Can I Expect After a Laser Hair Removal Session?

After the session of laser hair removal in Westchase, you may experience some redness and swelling for a few hours. Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen on the treated areas. You can resume your normal activities immediately, but avoid strenuous exercise and hot showers for 24 hours.

How Many Sessions Are Needed for Optimal Results?

Most patients require 6 to 8 sessions to achieve optimal results. Hair grows in cycles, and the laser is most effective during the active growth phase. Multiple sessions ensure that all hair follicles are targeted effectively. After the initial series of treatments, occasional maintenance treatments may be necessary to target the occasional hair growth.

How Long Do the Results of Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal provides long-lasting results. Many patients experience a significant reduction in hair growth, with some achieving permanent hair loss. However, maintenance sessions may be needed periodically to maintain smooth, hair-free skin.

Why Choose
Contour Clinique Med Spa?

Contour Clinique Med Spa offers top-notch laser hair removal in Westchase, Tampa Bay with cutting-edge Forever BARE BBL technology. Our luxurious boutique setting and experienced team ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective treatment for everyone. Voted best injectors of America multiple times, we bring over ten years of expertise in aesthetic medicine to every procedure. Schedule your consultation to begin your journey to hair-free, beautiful skin.

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