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Laser Hair Removal in Tampa

Laser Hair Removal in Tampa

Voted Best for Laser Hair Removal in Tampa!

Are you tired of dealing with painful waxing sessions and the short-term results of shaving? Maybe you’re a little nervous about the side effects of traditional laser hair removal treatments. Well, worry no more! Say goodbye to those concerns and unwanted hair for good!

The revolutionary hair removal solution, Forever Bare BBL can give you amazing results in no time, all without the hassle of long recovery periods. It’s super gentle on the skin, targeting only the hair follicles. There are no scary side effects or pain to worry about. Plus, the results of BBL are long-lasting.

Curious to learn more about how it all works? Dive into our laser hair removal FAQs to get all your burning questions answered. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Which Areas of the Body Can Be Treated Using Forever Bare BBL?

The Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal can be used on any body part including the following:

  • Face
  • Chin
  • Upper lip
  • Chest
  • Areolas
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini area

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Forever Bare BBL?

Forever Bare BBL is a light-based laser hair removal treatment that targets hair follicles to inhibit hair growth. It uses in-motion technology to deliver faster and more effective results than traditional laser hair removal treatments.

How does Forever Bare BBL hair removal work?

A Forever Bare BBL laser uses broadband light to heat hair follicles and remove unwanted hair. Unlike other laser hair removal processes, BBL doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue so the skin remains unharmed.

What should I expect from a session of Forever Bare BBL?

During a session of Forever BBL hair removal, your provider will clean the area and apply a clear gel. This gel will keep the top layer of your skin cool while allowing the light energy to become more targeted. The handheld BBL hair removal device is then passed over the surface of the skin.

A BBL treatment is non-invasive and gentle. However, some patients feel a warm “prickly” sensation. Excessive heat is managed with the sapphire crystal found at the tip of the device.

How long does laser hair removal take?

A BBL hair removal session can take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the area being treated.

Can anyone undergo BBL Laser Hair Removal?

The BBL laser is a great option for healthy men and women looking to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s suitable for all skin types, but especially effective for those with light skin and dark hair.

If you have darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick skin type VI) or blonde/white hair, BBL might not be as effective as it targets contrasting pigments.


People with tattoos can also undergo BBL, however, the skin with the tattoo is usually covered to avoid damaging the artwork.

Tanned Skin

For best results, it’s recommended not to have a tan while undergoing the procedure. Avoid sun exposure, tanning, and self-tanning lotions/sprays for at least a month before the BBL laser treatment. Sun exposure and tanning can increase the pigment in your skin. This can make it more prone to discoloration or blistering.

Pregnant Women

There hasn’t been a lot of research on the potential risks of BBL for pregnant women. So, it’s advisable to wait until after giving birth and getting medical approval before considering treatment.


While teenagers can get laser hair removal treatments, they may have to undergo more sessions at different intervals than adults. This is because the body’s hair growth is more rapid and unpredictable during the teenage years. Understand that it may also take longer for results to show.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

While the preparation might differ for each individual, there are general steps your provider will ask you to follow. These include:

  • Avoiding direct sun exposure for 2 weeks before treatment
  • No tanning beds or self-tanning creams
  • Discontinuing retinol and tretinoin 4 days before treatment (if treatment area includes the face)
  • Discontinuing certain antibiotics and skin care products that make your skin sensitive a week before treatment
  • Avoid plucking, waxing, and electrolysis 2 weeks before treatment

On the day of the procedure, you will be asked not to wear makeup or apply lotion.

Is BBL hair removal safe?

BBL laser is safe to use on all body parts when administered by a licensed provider.

Patients also undergo a thorough evaluation during consultation to determine whether BBL is safe and appropriate for them. During your session, inform your provider of any special lifestyle requirements, medication you’re taking, and other relevant details so they can ensure a safe procedure and provide the best recommendations. In addition, the laser can be harmful to the eyes, which is why protective eyewear is worn during the treatment.

How many sessions for laser hair removal?

Most people will need 6 sessions to see a complete reduction in hair growth. Your provider considers the hair growth, color, coarseness, and density when prescribing the number of sessions you’ll need.

How long between laser hair removal sessions?

The time between sessions can vary for every individual. It is typically 4 weeks for treatments done on the face and between 4 and 6 weeks for other areas.

Are there any side effects to BBL laser hair removal?

Although rare and unlikely, some people experience redness and swelling in the treated area. This typically goes away after a few hours or a couple of days.

What is the recovery time for BBL Laser treatment?

There’s no recovery or downtime for BBL laser treatments. You can go about your day-to-day activities as soon as you step out of the clinic.

What does BBL Laser hair removal aftercare involve?

The BBL laser hair removal aftercare only requires you to avoid direct sunlight and wear an SPF 30 sunscreen for a few weeks after treatment.

To avoid adverse reactions, post-laser hair removal care includes not exercising, swimming, or visiting a sauna for 24 hours.

How long does BBL hair laser treatment Last?

A BBL hair laser treatment removes hair permanently. This treatment works by targeting active hair follicles and preventing them from growing back. Since not all hair follicles are active simultaneously, multiple sessions are typically needed to achieve complete hair removal. This means that you’ll start seeing those permanent results once you finish all the recommended number of laser treatments.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

BBL laser hair removal is less painful than all other hair removal treatments. Even if you feel pain, it should be nothing more than a prickling sensation with some warmth.

A topical anesthetic cream isn’t required for a BBL laser but your provider may use it for sensitive areas as a precaution or to help reduce discomfort.

Are there additional benefits of the BBL Laser?

Apart from the usual benefits of laser hair removal, the BBL light is also used to improve your skin quality. It’s known to help with sun spots, age spots, spider veins, rosacea, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, acne, and other skin issues.

To ensure your satisfaction with the results, mention any additional benefits you’d like to see with your provider during the initial consultation.

What wavelength does the Forever Bare BBL laser use?

Broadband light (BBL) lasers use a wavelength between 590 nm and 1200 nm. This includes green, yellow, orange, red, and infrared light.

What Is the cost of Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal cost in Tampa at Contour Clinique Med Spa starts at just $150 per session for small areas like your upper lip or chin. You can check our Treatments page for up-to-date information about hair removal packages and prices.

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