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Defy Aging With Our Top 3 Favorite Fillers at Contour Clinique

Since you’re already reading this, you probably already know about the amazing results produced by Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. And if you’re looking to reverse signs of aging with fillers, there’s no better place than Contour Clinique Med Spa!

No matter if you’re looking to enhance your cheekbones or give your lips a little extra volume, we have tailor-made solutions that are perfect for all types of skin.

In this guide, we cover our three most popular anti-aging HA fillers: Restylane® Lyft filler, Restylane® Kysse filler, and Juvéderm® Voluma® filler. All of them are suitable for different needs, so it would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with them prior to your initial appointment.


Have you noticed your beautifully structured and defined facial features have changed over the past few years? It could simply be a result of the natural aging process.

Your cheeks, laugh lines, corners of the mouth, and hands are some of the first areas to show signs of aging. It may just be a loss of volume—a natural change—but this change can make a huge difference in your appearance. It can make you look tired, even when you’ve had a full night’s sleep, are eating healthy, and feeling upbeat.

Restylane® Lyft is our most versatile HA filler that addresses these issues. It is designed to target the cheek area, corners of the mouth, laugh lines, and hands.

This dissolvable HA filler has a soft gel texture that’s very flexible and instantly integrates into the tissue. It is quite similar to the body’s naturally occurring HA and brings immediate results that are surprisingly natural-looking. The gel is created using the XpresHAn Technology, which provides flexible support that follows your face’s natural expressions. This means you can keep making your usual facial expressions without any difficulties.

If you take a look at Restylane® Lyft before and after photos, you’ll find that the treatment results in a refreshed appearance. This is because the filler adds fullness and ensures a defined look. With the help of one of our master injectors, you can use this filler to correct age-related contour deficiencies.

What’s great about this treatment is that most patients only require two sessions to achieve optimal results. And the amazing thing is that the effects of the Lyft filler can last anywhere from six months to an entire year! This makes it the perfect solution for those who prefer not to wait too long before seeing noticeable improvements.

Restylane® Lyft Before and After photos


As we age, many of our facial features like our lips, may experience a loss of volume. This natural process can lead to thin, wrinkled, or even dry and discolored lips. Say goodbye to all of these problems by choosing the fabulous Restylane® lip filler!

As its name suggests, Restylane® Kysse lip filler is designed to provide more volume to that target area. This filler also uses the XpresHAn Technology, which focuses on achieving a natural appearance through the treatment. This is particularly important for lip fillers as any artificial movement will show through more easily.

Essentially, the treatment is designed to enhance your lips and smooth out any wrinkles around your mouth. And if you look closely at Restylane® Kysse before and after photos, you’ll find that it provides exceptional results compared to other options out there. This is because of the skillful application technique used by our experienced injectors at Contour Clinique. They take great care in giving you beautifully shaped and naturally full lips.

In addition, there are significant improvements in lip color and texture when using Restylane® Kysse. This filler is a sure go-to for those seeking a natural lip filler.

One of the greatest perks of Kysse lip filler is its ability to deliver instant results without the hassle of a prolonged healing process. The results of the Kysse filler last up to 1 year. It’s truly remarkable how you can achieve the perfect pout through just one or two sessions.

Restylane® Kysse Before and After photos


For some, the chin and cheek areas show more visible signs of aging. These are the largest areas of the face, so they deserve special attention in skincare. Moreover, because they are the most exposed to the elements, you may need a stronger and long-lasting solution.

This is where Juvéderm Voluma XC shines. It’s one of the top HA fillers in the USA and FDA-approved, too. Not only is it minimally invasive, but it also delivers some of the longest-lasting results among similar fillers. The results of the cheek treatment last up to two years with the right number of sessions. As for the chin treatment, the effects last up to 1 year with optimal treatment and great care.

Although long-lasting, the results are still temporary and will require more sessions for maintenance.
The smooth, crystal-clear gel formulation is made for deep injection in the cheek and chin, where it can correct volume loss. The Juvéderm XC filler features a modified form of HA that lifts the skin to improve chin shape and add contour and fullness to the cheek area.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the incredible transformation in these Juvéderm Voluma before and after photos below! It’s truly amazing how subtly it enhances facial features, creating a completely refreshed and rejuvenated appearance!

Juvéderm Voluma provides instant transformations that can last up to 2 years. So as soon as you leave our clinic, you can proudly show off your newly revitalized and vibrant features.

Juvéderm Voluma Before and After photos

Rediscover Your Youthful Glow

No matter what you decide, taking care of your skin to maintain a youthful look takes effort and dedication. We hope this guide has made it easier for you to find the right treatment program.

And if you’re still not able to end the debate between Restylane® Kysse vs Juvéderm® or Restylane® Lyft vs Voluma, you can schedule a personalized consultation with our experts. We can help create the perfect customized anti-aging program for your needs in the long run. Click to book an appointment!

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