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Navigating the Lip Filler Swelling Stages: A Day by Day Guide

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the world of aesthetic procedures, making them safer, more accessible, and even trendy! If you’ve ever thought of getting Botox or filler, there’s really nothing to fear if you go to a reputable med spa and consult with experienced professionals.

One of the most in-demand procedures today is lip fillers. In fact, the global market size for lip augmentation was valued at a whopping $6 billion in 2022, and it is only expected to grow. And that’s no surprise. It’s hard for any of us to scroll through social media without coming across influencers, models, and celebrities flaunting their plump, pouty lips. Many feel inspired by them and long for a similar look.

If you are looking into getting lip fillers, it pays to know all the details before booking an appointment. First, it’s important to recognize that despite its non-invasive nature, the procedure entails a certain level of intricacy. But rest assured, in the year 2020 alone, an incredible 3.4 million people got lip fillers and this number has only continued to grow over the past few years. The vast majority experience immense satisfaction throughout their lip filler journey.

Lip Fillers: An Overview

Put simply, lip fillers are delicate injections, designed to enhance the lips. This procedure is the hottest trend and incredibly sought after by men and women of all ages.

Generally, dermal fillers are used on various locations of the face to enhance target areas and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. The same fillers can be used for the lips—your injector will personalize the exact treatment based on your desired results.

For example, if you want a more prominent Cupid’s bow, you will be given fillers along your lip line edges. In contrast, going after an overall plumper look means getting injections in different parts of your lower and upper lips. The specifics of the procedure will differ depending on your aesthetic goals, such as balancing lip proportions, sharpening the contours, or increasing overall volume.

Lip fillers usually last for 12 months. However, certain factors, such as age, metabolism, and chronic conditions, can shorten their long-term effectiveness.

What to Expect At Your Appointment

Before you go in for lip filler, you need a thorough consultation with your injector. They need to understand your specific goals, and discuss the available options with you.

Your physical health will also be evaluated, and any pre-existing medical conditions and possible risks will be discussed so you have all the information about what your lip filler journey entails.

Your injector will also assess and measure your face and lips, and then take photos for their records. Details about lip filler aftercare will also be shared with you at this point. Your injector will repeat the tips after the procedure or send you home with a printed list of what you should and shouldn’t do.

When the big day arrives, you can expect and prepare for a certain timeline for your recovery. While every person heals differently, knowing the general progression of the results and what will happen can help you determine if lip filler swelling stages are normal or a cause for concern.

Lip Filler Journey

Lip Filler Healing Process: Day by Day

Day 1: Immediately after lip filler

It’s not uncommon to experience some redness, swelling, and bruising after lip fillers, especially in the target areas. But don’t worry, this is just your lips’ way of reacting naturally to the procedure. You see, when we use needles to enhance your lips, it’s considered a minor form of trauma.

The redness and swelling will go away on their own after a few hours or up to five days after the session. Don’t worry too much if you perceive an asymmetry in the shape of your lips in the first few days—this is temporary.
Avoid massaging or manipulating the lips unless directed by your provider. You may use Tylenol and a topical cold pack as needed for any soreness.

Lip Injections by Contour Clinique

Days 2-4 after treatment

You may start to feel like your lips are a little too plump, but rest assured they are still settling down with their new shape and volume. Lip filler bruising may still be seen and felt. But by the third or fourth day, the swelling should be going down.

You should be able to talk and drink more comfortably. This is something that most people don’t think about after a cosmetic procedure, but the truth is that it affects your daily routines. Spills and awkwardness are also normal; you’ll soon adjust accordingly.

Do not put on lipstick, gloss, or any lip products, minimize sun exposure, and stay hydrated. You can go about regular activities, but keep it light for now.

Days 5-7 after lip filler

When you look in the mirror and look at your lips, you will know for sure that the discomfort is worth it. Your enhanced lips are more evident after seven days, and you can confidently compare your new look with older pictures.

Note that the lip filler healing process is still happening at this point. But it should be much more manageable by now.

You may start to get addicted to looking at your lips in the mirror or on your selfie camera—and for good reason. Be loud and proud of what you’ve given yourself!

2 weeks after treatment

If desired, you can now make an appointment to see your injector to ensure your healing is on track. They may take another picture and compare it to your lips pre-procedure for their records. In fourteen days, you are much closer to declaring that you’ve achieved your aesthetic goals.

Your lips should be almost completely healed by now, although some mild discomfort can be expected. It is now safe for you to get dental procedures done, exercise, and put on as much makeup as you want.

One month after lip filler

This is when your lips will truly settle into what they will look like for the next year or so—the final results of the procedure. If you want some touch-ups or more fillers for specific areas, you can schedule another consultation to get them done soon.

You can proudly pucker up the full, pouty lips you’ve always wanted and go through life more confident than ever!

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